29er Wheels for Sale

I just posted my Mavic C29SSMAX wheels for sale.

You can view them here:


Stay tuned for a new blog post about a bunch of new gear that I am currently testing. 🙂

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29+ AKA Midfat AKA 29×3 AKA Krampus platform

29+ will be the next bicycle wheel platform I explore.

“The new 29+ size refers to 29in tires that are 3in wide and offer some of the benefits of fat bikes in more manageable package for general mountain bike use.” Josh Patterson


Surly Bicycles debuted this new “midfat” platform that employs the 700c (29er) diameter rims with a greater width of 30-50mm compared to typical 17-25mm wide “regular” rims that fit 2.0-2.5 inch wide 29er tires back in 2012. We are just starting to see lots of talk about this platform as custom bike builders like Jeff Jones have released their own 29+ bike models. This extra width allows the 29×3.0 inch tires, which Surly first showcased in the Knard model to fit on these wider rims.  Surly designed a new frameset which was later released as a complete bike which they dubbed the “Krampus”.

Slight sidebar:

Krampus definition is best explained in this video from the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon when “Elf on the Shelf” is compared with the Krampus:

There is a Facebook group that you can join or just lurk around on to view all types of discussions, frames, forks, tires, and wheels that support this new platform:


It appears that my trusty Salsa El Mariachi that I have discussed so frequently on this site can fit a 29×3.0 Surly Knard tire if mounted to a rim no larger than 35mm wide in the Salsa Fargo fork I am running up front! The frame can only fit a 2.4 inch tire on the rear, so I will likely just keep it as a “regular” 29er setup on the back for now, but there is promise of a 27.5+ setup that should fit a 2.8 inch rear tire back there. Still unsure of the 27.5+ addition to my El Mariachi, but  I will be pursuing this 29+ setup on the front sometime in the next few months so stay tuned!

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Mapping Endurance Cycling Events

Haven’t posted in quite a while. I am busy with many things these days, but still riding plenty. I just had the chance to ride with a couple of ladies participating in the 2014 Stagecoach 400 race. It reminded me of my all my small endurance races (each between 45-100 miles) that I participated in during 2012. The 6 hours of Temecula in June last year was the only race I participated in for 2013 due to some tendinitis that I couldn’t manage to shake, even with tons of rest and 29 more speeds added to my bike (yes, its not a singlespeed currently).

I have been busy with work, where I make maps and do geospatial based analyses.
I wish I could say that I have been mapping for endurance cycling events, or even finding long, exploratory routes to follow that I digitize, analyze, and upload to Google Earth and my Garmin. Nope. Haven’t been mapping the fun stuff that much.

I was able to map some cool stuff for other people in the past. I have been invited to attend an event in San Diego this weekend that is referred to as the A.D.D. Apparently, this is the fourth annual ADD ride and I cannot attend it this year. I was asked to help with directions on how to make segments and routes in Google Earth and of course I gladly obliged.

I love mapping for endurance cycling events and if you would ever want to commission me to make you some maps, hit me up anytime.

Here are a few examples of maps made for others.

Huracan 300 – 2012:


Detail Maps:

10 Days Cycling Across the UK:

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Eyes on the Horizon (Part II)

As you and I keep our eyes focused on the horizon, looking towards the next adventure, I implore you to examine this coming season and consider what could be brand new, different, and improved from prior seasons. What will you do with the new seasons you have been given? What changes will you be able to tell the world about? Whats going to be brand new about you?

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Eyes on the Horizon (Part I)

Keeping you guys and myself stoked until the spring and summer hit, here are some bikepacking videos to encourage planning, maintenance, repair, and fitness plans while keeping your sights set on that next adventure you see on the horizon this year.
Part 1 is from Casey Greene, a fellow cartographer who put together a great video and map of his trip. View his blog post on the topic and see his cool MAP here: BIKEPACKING MCCALL’S HOT SPRINGS

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Night Riding with Lights

How many of you ride at night?  I often do, well, its early morning usually. 🙂  I have had a few different lights over the decade that I have been riding at night.  One thing is for sure, a variety of lights is useful.  Different mounting locations, different burn times, and different beam throws are useful.  I like to carry a backup just in case as well.  Usually I keep a little Petzel head lamp as my backup, but I would love to have a more powerful hand held light too.  The one below is a pretty good deal and has green bulbs to help you retain your night vision.  These are perfect for repairs and other tasks that allow you to keep your bike lights mounted on your bars/helmet and not run down their batteries while you use the handheld for the other purposes.  Check it out!

Flashlights at Mounting Solution Plus (MSP)

Mounting Solutions Plus (MSP) is both a manufacturer of quality firearm accessories, as well as a distributor of firearms related products. Mounting Solutions Plus, is happy to add Tactical Flashlights and Lasers products to the rest of our tactical accessories. Included in our current lisitng are: Fenix Flashlights , NEBO Flashlights , Inova Flashlights , Streamlight Flashlights and Surefire Flashlights.

In addition to our Flashlights we carry a verity of Flashlight Mounts

Mounting Solutions Plus specializes in tactical mounts and gun accessories for professional and competition shooters.

Click Here to learn more.

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Interbike 2012

Interbike is going on right now and I am overloaded with all the new gear possibilities for my ride.  Fat bikes, 27.5″ (650b), 1×11 drivetrains, new wheels, tires, etc, etc.

I just had my first trail ride on a buddy’s Surly Pugsley this am.  Here is the Strava track for our ride.

I am seriously considering a fat bike in my future.  I love the go anywhere, exploring, bikepacking, adventure opportunities that are possible with a bike like this.  Something with 135mm spacing front and rear that is a little on the race-oriented side like the Salsa Beargrease, but still able to take lots of waterbottles, anything cages, and racks would be ideal.  9:ZERO:7 has some cool offerings too, but I think if money was no object I would be placing a custom order at Black Sheep for something just like this:

I am also carefully examining the SRAM XX1 drivetrain. It is 1×11. I wrote about it initially in this post: SRAM XX1 SYSTEM.
Eric, from Dirt Rag Mag just wrote up his first impressions of it during his testing at Interbike. HERE is the link for that write up.

Thats all for now. Keep an eye out for all the fatbikes that you will undoubtedly see on the trails in 2013. Its going to be a fun year!

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