Technology During Recessions

I don’t know about anyone else’s financial situation right now, but its tough for us. Even with a college degree and a great job with a good salary, its still tough.
I don’t buy any gear for guitar, mountain biking, or my other hobbies unless I sell something on ebay or craigslist first.
Although the times are tough for getting a lot of money for used gear on craigslist since most people are in the same boat as I am, I still manage to sell 60-75% of my items within a few weeks.
This allows me to take advantage of the amazing deals you can find these days on new technology. And the CEOs of good tech companies are pushing this stuff big time even though its risky.
Read this article on Implementing New Technologies During a Recession if you are interested in the decisions these folks are having to make.

So, how is this affecting me this month?
Well, I have realized that my AC4TV guitar amp is great for lots of situations, it can’t hang all the time. I was jamming with a couple of guys from church and although I wanted to cut through for a lead part, I couldn’t even hear myself when I hit my boost on the Fulldrive 2 pedal….the amp was being fully driven already and thats not what I should be doing with that amp.
So, I started selling some gear. I sold a couple of my pedals I was reluctant to even put on craigslist. I sold my dirt jumping mountain bike that I will miss someday for sure. I have $500 in my pocket now and realize that there are some amazing “grab and go” 15 watt amps that have just hit the market.

The Vox AC15C1 seems to be the best deal in this range right now, even though it is made in China (what isn’t these days?) and its cab is made from MDF boards.

It goes for 599.99 and only has a 20% markup apparently. I tried to get it for less and was told it would cause them to lose money.
This is an amp with a plethora of features at an amazing price. Gotta love the technology of PCB soldering robots in a factory in China making amps for pennies during the recession!

There are other amps out there from Egnater, Jet City, etc that are going for dirt cheap for what they offer and I wonder how they are going to stay afloat when they aren’t making much of a profit.
The competition is intense.

Speaking of competition, T-Mobile is awesome. We have used them as our wireless carrier for the last two years.
They have better customer service than any other business, organization or institution I have ever dealt with, except for the Christian church. 🙂
Not only that, but they consistently have the best prices on the service plans I am looking for.
Recently, when the other big wireless carriers were mentioning that they will charge overage fees for data plans, T-Mobile decided to use throttling as a solution instead. Genius.
They have always been a little different (even their pink signature brand logo color, which I am not super fond of is different in this age of black/red, blue/white/orange, black/yellow logos).

Tomorrow they are being super different and competitive and just plain awesome.
They are making every phone in their stores FREE with a qualifying family plan.

To get a myTouch Slide phone that runs Android for free is a great gift.

Technology during a recession?

To all the CEOs willing to take a chance and remain competitive on the cutting edge during times where financial security is a thing of the past:

Thank you.

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