Staycations Aren’t So Bad

So my wife encouraged me over a month ago to take three days off during the first week of July.
I normally have every other Friday off due to the 9/80 work week thing we have at my current place of employment. Yeah, its pretty sweet.

(Under a 9/80 schedule, employees will work 9 hours a day from Monday through Thursday, 8 hours on Friday, followed by a week of 9 hours worked each day on Monday through Thursday, and no hours worked on Friday.)

We were also getting Monday, the 5th of July off to observe Independence Day since it fell on Sunday. So only 3 days of Paid Time Off were used to allow for a total of 9 consecutive days off, of which tomorrow, Sunday the 12th will be my last. 😦

So…what did this mean? Well, if you hadn’t guessed already from the title of this post, it means that we tried out the whole “Staycation” thing.

I wasn’t so keen on it initially, mostly because I would like to be as far away from work as possible, both mentally and physically if I am going to get serious about taking PTO. Not that work is a drag, I really do enjoy what I do, but the thought of people needing to ask for your help on something and knowing you are nearby is always lurking in the back of the mind.
I found that the staycation has treated us well this week.

Minivan Loaded Up for a Great Staycation Event!

Our boys who are 3 and 1 are able to stay in their beds (or in the case of one night at Grandma’s which is also nearby and very familiar) which is a huge plus. Kids (let alone Mom and Dad) really don’t like having to fall asleep in strange, new places.
We have been able to do some amazing things that we haven’t done yet, but always wanted to do:

-Went on a hike in the Laguna Mountains.
Laguna Mountain Meadow

-Rode bikes and towed a trailer carrying the boys one one while running the dog using the other bike around Mission Bay (see the picture of all our gear and dog crate above?)

-Took the boys on all three trolley lines that run through San Diego (not the entire lengths…we had naps to get back for!)

-Spent time with friends from our Bile Study at the beach (done this before, but it always feels like we are a million miles away when we do it).

-Played a ridiculous amount of time on the electric guitars and even had a few hours of jamming with my amplifier-building friend.

-Went mountain biking in Mission Trails like I did for the Bike for Breath ride in the early 1990’s on a Tange Chromoly frame….OLD SCHOOL

-Spent time with family at our house, my parents and my in-laws (we do this all the time, but still look forward to it every chance we get).

There are a bunch of things we did that I am totally forgetting, but all in all it was super relaxing, really enjoyable and we even got some stuff done around the house.

And we didn’t need to worry about packing liquids in our carry on luggage! Bonus!

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A servant and worshiper of Christ, a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a gecko breeder, a guitarist, a mountain biker, a GIS specialist.
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