Time, Space, and Music…the Continuum All Around Me

So tonight was date night with my wife…yes…so awesome.

We got to walk around for a few minutes and gaze at the Coronado Bay Bridge and the San Diego Harbor for a few minutes as we reminisced about the Friday before when we celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary by going to Coronado Island on a ferry and riding our bikes around the island and under this bridge.

Amazing..two date nights only a week apart….we could get used to this…it is awesome.

Anyway…the Summer Pops Concert Series was happening tonight (as well as last Friday when we were able to enjoy the fireworks on the ferry ride back across the harbor), but we didn’t go there for that. Nobody all that great in my opinion, but what was cool was the echo off the structures surrounding the harbor. There was this building:


which was reflecting the concert sounds really squarely right back at us, about 3 seconds total for going there and back. The song was Proud Mary and when the singers sand doop doop doop doop, doop doop doop doop it was awesome….just like the staccato notes you love to play on guitar with a delay pedal because the repeated echo notes coming back from the originals really ring out clearly with those short bursts. I have realized that my love of geography and my love for music as well as the interaction of them and the provision of time is one of my favorite things on this earth to experience. It really is cool to hear sound travel and be patient to let time pass to hear it come back. My wife gets a kick out of my geeked out look as I marvel at the building across the harbor providing a bumper for the sound I hear passing by me. She just skips and dances along trying to pull me out of my geeked out state….something she may do soon right in this moment as she is in bed waiting for me to come lay down, while I blog my stupid geekiness onto the internetzzzz….time to catch some zzzzz myself.

Glory to God! What a cool creation sound is!!!!

About Nick

A servant and worshiper of Christ, a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a gecko breeder, a guitarist, a mountain biker, a GIS specialist.
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One Response to Time, Space, and Music…the Continuum All Around Me

  1. Guy says:

    I love sound too.

    Nice Godin

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