A fan of fans

So it has been the coolest summer in San Diego that I can remember for the 25 summers I have lived here. Last week it started getting hot though.  Our window fan came out of the garage, the a/c got turned on occasionally and all the celing fans were running for at least 12 hours a day.
Fans are great. They seriously can make me feel like I am on a vacation away from the stagnant heat instantly. In a different latitude where the cool ocean breeze flows through the coconut palm trees at a brisk speed ‘3’.

Its funny, because my love for ceiling fans first started when I was actually in a different latitude where there is a cool ocean breeze during the day. At night, with the windows open and the fan on, it was perfect. We went when I was 18 to Huatulco in Mexico. I got to share a room with my childhood friend I had known since I was 5 and we each had a ceiling fan mounted directly overhead of each of our beds. It was an amazing trip.
Huatulco Resort

Heres the map (of course you get a map. I geek out on geography and you know this man.)

So I am sitting under the ceiling fan in our living room as I type away on this post. It was the last of the three ceiling fans I installed in our house. We have one in every room except the kitchen and bathroom. I told you I am a fan of fans. I also have one in the garage, blowing at me on high whenever I play guitar out there. It cools me down as well as gives me an excuse to turn up since the fan drowns sound that tries to complete with it. (you can thank me later for giving you a new excuse to turn up….we all need new excuses to turn up right? ha ha!)
I noticed a few people around the office had desktop fans in their cubes. What a great piece of equipment to use all day long while you dream of being on a beach closer to the equator. Awesome. So I asked my fellow coworker where, how, who bought it, etc. He tells me that I can look in the office supply catalog and just ask for it. PERFECT! Yesterday I got my new desk fan that oscillates, has two speeds and is on ALL…DAY…LONG! I love it.

The coldest summer of my life in San Diego got a little bit hotter last week and then this week…..it just keeps getting cooler. 🙂

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A servant and worshiper of Christ, a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a gecko breeder, a guitarist, a mountain biker, a GIS specialist.
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