Eventide Timefactor DIY Aux Pedal Part II

So, when I was considering buying a new auxiliary 3 switch pedal to change the functions of the Timefactor, I looked at youtube for way too long. So many great videos (thanks to those of you who posted some…I especially like the reverb ones since I don’t currently have reverb in the amp or a pedal), but no videos of the 3 button aux footswitch, save tubescreamer’s “repeat” function demo (thanks for that Andy..really helped me pull the trigger on building this).
My video is pretty weak sauce and I plan to do more videos as time goes on, but while I was making this aux pedal, I told my past self (who was making this pedal without seeing one in action too much) that I would figure out what parameters I would find most useful to assign to those switches, then post up a video demonstrating them. People like my past self who are searching for this video will hopefully just go buy or make one after watching it.

Here is part 1.


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