Function Before Form

My birthday was in February.  I was told that people didn’t know what get for me, but I am usually pretty easy and appreciate any present.  My family knows me pretty well though and realizes that I am a gearhead.  I have my sights set on the next piece of gear with plenty of lead time.  I calculate priorities ahead of time, but don’t get too hung up on that stuff since its all just stuff.  Knowing this, my wife asked for a list of items people could choose from for presents for me.  I made a list of tubes, pedals, switches, pickups, speakers and other guitar related items.  I didn’t get any guitar gear from anyone other than my wife.  She get me power tubes and yes, she is awesome.

Anyways, I got 3 guitar center gift cards and no other guitar gear! 

So the question was, what do I get? I had a list of stuff that would be helpful, but not absolutely necessary. After a lot of thought, I decided on three things.

1) Levy’s wide, padded strap for my nearly 11 lb Les Paul.
2) Strap locks for the aforementioned strap.
3) Dimarzio Area 67 noiseless single coil pickup for my Godin SD guitar

The strap and strap locks were somewhat no brainer choices. Not too many choices that would be suitable.

The pickup however was one of a few that I was interested in.
A buddy I regularly play with has a beautiful (visually as well as aurally) Classic Player’s 60’s Strat that has custom shop 60’s pickups in it. I love this guitar.
Dimarzio’s Area 67 pickup is modeled after this sound in these pickups, but is also noiseless.
That seemed like a perfect match for the neck pickup slot on the Godin.
Although the singlecoils on the Godin weren’t too bad, they weren’t great and were also pretty noisy. I love the humbucker in the bridge position though.
The Area 67 pickups in stock at Guitar Center were available in white, black, creme and aged white. I was told the Godin pickups and pickguard were more of a mint green color than creme, but was also told that aged white is what mint green is supposed to look like. Whatever. The zebra humbucker kind of throws the whole color match thing off anyways in my opinion.

So I decided that although creme might be close, aged white could be closer, but I would at least have it be whiter and not darker than the pickguard and middle pickup. That would be better looking in my opinion, but it is the SOUND I am after, not the looks necessarily. Aural beauty before visual beauty; function before form.

Turns out that the aged white pickup looks a lot different than the pickguard and middle pickup, but it sounds SO good!

BEFORE installation of Area 67 pickup:


AFTER installation of Area 67 pickup:


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2 Responses to Function Before Form

  1. hsiehdy says:

    Happy belated birthday! Definitely a fan of the Dimarzio pickups, my MIM strat has two Area 58’s in the neck and middle, and an Area 61 in the bridge, all noiseless, all great sounding 🙂

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