ESRI User Conference 2011



So this year’s ESRI UC was pretty cool.  I had to work for most of it, so I didn’t get to see a whole lot, but I did get to meet some pretty cool people and have now jumped into python scripting because of some technical workshops.  Thanks ESRI.  Its great to have the ESRI UC in my beautiful town of San Diego each year.

The cool people I met this year were introduced to me through Bill Dickson from We had lunch together and introduced ourselves and discussed how we should remained connected as a group of christian gis/mapping professionals.  Definitely the highlight of the conference for me.

A let down, albeit minor, was that ESRI offered a cycling jersey this year, but its colors were way too much of the  “I-just-dropped

-my-layer-into-ArcMap-and-it-keeps-choosing-these-same-pastel-colors?”  palette.  See the photo above.  I would have rather had a black, red, or blue jersey with some other highlight color subtley accenting it.  Oh well, maybe next year they will have read my post here and change it up! 😀


Later on Thursday night, we attended the Gala, Party, Shin-Dig, whatever. It was held in Balboa Park this time and though I know Balboa Park very well, since I was at the zoo so often growing up, it felt very geospatial tonight!image

It was great!

I enjoyed it very much, especially with quality performers like this guitarist who played this awesome Gibson archtop:

We ate fish and chips, sushi, and some good desserts while I chatted it up with some fellow geospatial folks. A great time all the way around. Hats off to ESRI for knowing how to throw a party!

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A servant and worshiper of Christ, a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a gecko breeder, a guitarist, a mountain biker, a GIS specialist.
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