Stormy Monday

Here is the bike ready for racing.

The forecast for saturday says 90 percent chance of thunderstorms.
This saturday, November 12th, is the 12 hours of temecula race 2011 #3.

I have been training since February for this race (although I decided to also race in the second race of the 12 hours of Temecula series 2011 to see how I was doing training wise).

On Monday, I first got wind of the chance of heavy rains coming on Friday/Saturday when I looked at an extended forcast I found online. After just getting two storms within a week already, saying I was concrned to see this forecast for my race day was an understatement. I checked the socal endurance website just to make sure…yep, ”rain or shine”. I thought so. Normally a little rain is welcomed on my rides, I mean, after all, my love for mountain biking was really reignited while in college at Humboldt State where it seems like everything is pretty much always wet beneath the redwood canopy.
A little rain would be cool for my race…but Tstorms and 18mph wind gusts are a little more than I was hoping to deal with for 6 hours.

All day Monday, it felt as if a rain cloud was holding directly over my head as I continued to try to strategize, mentally prepare, and seriously debate whether this would be a good idea still if Tstorms were going to be a real hazard during my 6 hour solo race. It really started weighing on me mentally and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. As I continued to dwell on the what if’s, I couldn’t help but think of one of my favorite blues tunes call Stormy Monday that the Allman Brothers Band recorded a while back. Here they are (sans Dickey Betts) with Eric Clapton:

Warren Haynes just kills it in this video (from 4:00-5:30). I think he expressed musically exactly the emotional struggle I was feeling of being ready, strong, and prepared for the race, but not wanting to risk injury, sickness, or both.

The first lyrics go “They call it stormy Monday, but Tuesday’s just as bad.”

Yep. Tuesday was just as bad for my stormy Monday mental struggle. I had hope on Monday that it was just way too early to consider an extended forcast to be accurate enough to plan my decisions on. Tuesday, the forcast held with Tstorms and gusting winds. Just as bad. Maybe even worse.

Wednesday, I saw the same forcast again and had a serious conversation with my pit boss (my wife) who would be under a pop up canopy for 6 hours. We talked about doing other races instead since I hadn’t registered for this race on Saturday yet. I had already mentioned the Racers and Chasers Winter Series to her, telling her that there will be 4 races through December, January, and February. These races are in San Diego where we live, not as far to travel like the 12 hours of Temecula is (though its not that far really).
So by Wednesday night, our plan B was for me to do the R&C Winter Series instead. We really can’t afford to do both right now.
I decided that by Thursday morning, if the weather forecast remained the same, I would not register for the 6 hour solo race, but start focusing on the first race of the R&C Winter Series.

Today is now Saturday, the day I was planning to race up in Temecula. The forecast still calls for tstorms today. Since the forecast remained the same on Thursday, the plan is to race the Winter Series. On Thursday, after deciding to forego the race, my buddy Jose invited me to do the Otay Mountain Loop.

Here is the overview of that ride from MTB Bill:

Here is my strava track, but it lost the gps satellites at the top:

Check out this other track from one of the other 8 guys I rode with yesterday:

It was an amazing ride. My legs are sore from ashing the singlespeed up grades with slopes in the teens over multiple miles, but it just makes me want to train harder for next time. That sounds like a success to me.

By the way, its now Sunday, November 13 and the storm last night was pretty bad with lots of rain and gusting winds. I think I chose the better of the two options I had. 😉

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A servant and worshiper of Christ, a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a gecko breeder, a guitarist, a mountain biker, a GIS specialist.
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