Bikepacking Planning

What makes a good bikepacking experience? Planning and being prepared. At least thats what I have been told. I hope to do my first bikepacking adventure this spring with more to follow this summer and fall. I had hoped to get my new El Mariachi out on a 24 hour overnight jaunt in the fall, but the schedule was just too busy. Yeah, thats a terrible excuse. I know.

I am planning a trip with some guys on a forum as well as with a coworker and some really good MTB friends that I don’t ride with nearly often enough.

If all else fails, I might even go solo and have my family meet me.

One thing is for sure. This IS going to happen. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Here is a Map of Possible Bikepacking Routes for 2012 that my coworker made of the mountains in the east part of San Diego County. This is where my bikepacking journey is likely to begin.

Download the Google Earth (KML) file here.

Feel free to comment here and discuss/plan with me on this topic.

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A servant and worshiper of Christ, a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a gecko breeder, a guitarist, a mountain biker, a GIS specialist.
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2 Responses to Bikepacking Planning

  1. JamesB says:

    Hey Nick,
    What type of equipment/supplies are you planning to bring and how are you attaching this to the Mariachi?
    Are you going to change gearing for this ride?

    • forgivenick says:

      Hi James. Thanks for visiting and those are great questions.

      First, I am planning to largely use my lightest camping/backpacking gear that I have already. Meaning, I am not hoping to buy a lot of new gear for my first few bikepacking adventures.
      Some of this gear includes my lightweight sleeping pad and emergency bivy, hopefully I won’t need a tent or tarp for a roof if the weather is nice. I have debated whether I would bring the backpacking stove I have. I think I might just eat cold food though. I am definitely into the minimalistic/roughing it mentality of bringing as little as possible, but I do want to bring some gear and not just sleep in the bushes in my riding clothes without any amenities. I think a change of clothes for the night and new shorts for the next day are a must. First aid kit, food, repair kit for light mechanical issues, my cell phone and Garmin Etrex 30 GPS as well as my bike lights will all be necessary as well of course. Other than that, I think I may be good to go.
      Carrying it on the Mariachi? Great question. Haven’t put much thought into it. My Camelback Mule may have enough capacity to pack the clothes, food, cell, first aid, repair kit, etc. I will likely have to use some compression bag/straps to get my sleeping pad affixed to the handlebars or frame. A nice giant seatbag like so many bikepackers use would be awesome. Not sure the funds will be there for that though.
      Gearing has been 32×18 lately for training. I used 32×19 for the Black Mountain Marathon Series Finale Race by Racers and Chasers and that felt really good, so I would likely go to my 32×20 for the bikepacking trip with the added weight and longer ride. Let me know if you have any recommendations for me. I am a definite newbie to bringing that much gear with me. 🙂

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