Learning how to mountain bike

My youngest, Caleb, had a strider balance bike first. Then I got him the hot rock 12 off craigslist for 40 bucks.
I let him pedal around with training wheels just to learn about the pedaling motion, but that was only 6-10 rides. Then, a couple weeks ago, I decided to take off the training wheels. He was trying to ride it like the push bike, but the pedals were in the way.
I told him to put his feet on the pedals and I would balance him by holding the back of his seat while he pedaled. We did that for a good 3 or 4 times, but he was balancing on his own as long as the pedals were moving. I let go when there was a slight dh our he waskeeping his speed up, then he would slow, wobble and put a foot down to catch himself…that’s when I knew he had it.
Took him and his older bro to los pen and ride from the parking lot for a half mile down the new fire road. They love the new bridge!
I only had to help Caleb get started, then he was off! Him and his brother ride side by side,  all on their own and it rebounded me of us. I told them, Boys, today you are mountain bikers.
A pivotal moment in this dads life for sure.

About Nick

A servant and worshiper of Christ, a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a gecko breeder, a guitarist, a mountain biker, a GIS specialist.
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