Never Forget 100 Race and Music Still Moves Me

This week I am preparing to race in the Racers and Chasers event called the Never Forget 100. I am nervous.  Racing this thing on a single speed with no suspension and there are cutoff times that require me to have an average speed greater than 10.3 mph in order to make them.  That isn’t too tough normally, but if I get a flat, cramp up, or have any other unexpected issue, I may end up with a DNF.  That would be sad.  I am not going to give up though.  Its time for visualization and to reflect on all the training I have done this year.  God has blessed me and I have gotten much stronger.  100 miles is still more mileage than I have ever done in a day though.  Pray for me people.  I appreciate it.

Encouraging music often helps. This week, I am listening to Lecrae’s just released new album entitled Gravity and have been blown away.  I found myself listening to more and more of his songs he previously released and am truly amazed by his lyrics.  Now don’t be fooled, I like hip hop.  I am a guitarist and prefer some intense blues rock usually from a melodic jam band type group, but man…Lecrae’s lyrics are some of the most moving, theologically sound lyrics that I have ever listened to.  Pure poetry.

Here is a part of a verse (coming in at 2:10) from one of his older songs in the player above called “Overdose”.  It especially rings true with me and my love of geography.

“They ask me where to find the Lord they ain’t never seen Him
Homie God ain’t got no longitude or latitude
He’s on another level you can’t put a ladder to”

Also, I realize the fact that no matter where I am at, no matter how much I am hurting during this race, God will be there with me and I can call on Him.  I love that. Also, nothing I can do on my own will allow me to climb a ladder to get closer to God. I only can know Him through faith in Jesus being the payment that He provided to pay for my sin which broke His law of perfection.  Through that faith, I can know Him and call on Him to dwell in me through His Holy Spirit which leads and guides me in this life.

He is very much alive.  Call on Him.  Ask Him to dwell in you.  See the second birth He will give you as your old life dies and He guides you in your new life.  He is the God of the universe and knows you better than you know yourself.  He knows your strengths and weaknesses and loves you very much.  He knows you need Him.  Call on Him.  He will be there for you. Trust. Pray. See.  See?



More from Lecrae.

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A servant and worshiper of Christ, a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a gecko breeder, a guitarist, a mountain biker, a GIS specialist.
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