Night Riding with Lights

How many of you ride at night?  I often do, well, its early morning usually. 🙂  I have had a few different lights over the decade that I have been riding at night.  One thing is for sure, a variety of lights is useful.  Different mounting locations, different burn times, and different beam throws are useful.  I like to carry a backup just in case as well.  Usually I keep a little Petzel head lamp as my backup, but I would love to have a more powerful hand held light too.  The one below is a pretty good deal and has green bulbs to help you retain your night vision.  These are perfect for repairs and other tasks that allow you to keep your bike lights mounted on your bars/helmet and not run down their batteries while you use the handheld for the other purposes.  Check it out!

Flashlights at Mounting Solution Plus (MSP)

Mounting Solutions Plus (MSP) is both a manufacturer of quality firearm accessories, as well as a distributor of firearms related products. Mounting Solutions Plus, is happy to add Tactical Flashlights and Lasers products to the rest of our tactical accessories. Included in our current lisitng are: Fenix Flashlights , NEBO Flashlights , Inova Flashlights , Streamlight Flashlights and Surefire Flashlights.

In addition to our Flashlights we carry a verity of Flashlight Mounts

Mounting Solutions Plus specializes in tactical mounts and gun accessories for professional and competition shooters.

Click Here to learn more.


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