Mapping Endurance Cycling Events

Haven’t posted in quite a while. I am busy with many things these days, but still riding plenty. I just had the chance to ride with a couple of ladies participating in the 2014 Stagecoach 400 race. It reminded me of my all my small endurance races (each between 45-100 miles) that I participated in during 2012. The 6 hours of Temecula in June last year was the only race I participated in for 2013 due to some tendinitis that I couldn’t manage to shake, even with tons of rest and 29 more speeds added to my bike (yes, its not a singlespeed currently).

I have been busy with work, where I make maps and do geospatial based analyses.
I wish I could say that I have been mapping for endurance cycling events, or even finding long, exploratory routes to follow that I digitize, analyze, and upload to Google Earth and my Garmin. Nope. Haven’t been mapping the fun stuff that much.

I was able to map some cool stuff for other people in the past. I have been invited to attend an event in San Diego this weekend that is referred to as the A.D.D. Apparently, this is the fourth annual ADD ride and I cannot attend it this year. I was asked to help with directions on how to make segments and routes in Google Earth and of course I gladly obliged.

I love mapping for endurance cycling events and if you would ever want to commission me to make you some maps, hit me up anytime.

Here are a few examples of maps made for others.

Huracan 300 – 2012:


Detail Maps:

10 Days Cycling Across the UK:


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