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29+ AKA Midfat AKA 29×3 AKA Krampus platform

29+ will be the next bicycle wheel platform I explore. “The new 29+ size refers to 29in tires that are 3in wide and offer some of the benefits of fat bikes in more manageable package for general mountain bike use.” … Continue reading

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JamMan Solo and Auxiliary Footswitch Functionality

I have been meaning to add a post about the JamMan Solo and the added functionality you gain when connecting a 3 button footswitch. I use the JamMan Solo more than any other pedal I have because it is so … Continue reading

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Comfort vs Weight on a MTB for Endurance Racing

On my endurance XC MTB rig, I chose gp1 grips from ergon from the perspective of comfort trumping weight priorities. There are lighter grips out there, but reviews on the Ergon grips had me convinced that they would be more … Continue reading

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15 Watt Fender Amps with Tubes – Under $500!

I like the Blues Junior amp from Fender.  It sounds pretty good for what styles of music I like to play.  Mine was bought for less than $500 and had an upgraded speaker that came installed in it.  I recently … Continue reading

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Timefactor software version 3 beta release demo

Not much to say here that isn’t already in the video.  Wanted to get out a demo of the new software for anyone who hasn’t updated yet.  I just named one of my own presets and will show how that … Continue reading

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Eventide Timefactor DIY Aux Pedal Part II

So, when I was considering buying a new auxiliary 3 switch pedal to change the functions of the Timefactor, I looked at youtube for way too long. So many great videos (thanks to those of you who posted some…I especially … Continue reading

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Volume Pedals and Modulated Delays…

Sound amazing together. Cool swells, building dynamics, stacked notes that can appear and disappear cleanly…the list goes on and on. Heres my latest version of the pedalboard and gear from practice last night: A better shot: Another thing, … Continue reading

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