Just Another Map Geek Here

When I meet someone for the first time, often one of the first questions is, “So, what do you do?”

Typically, I interpret this to mean, “what do you do to earn a living, provide for your family, etc”

I get paid to geek out on maps. Yep, pretty cool huh?

Seriously though, telling people I make maps leads to all kinds of comments and questions.

“I’ve never met someone who makes maps.” “So, you are a cartographer or something?”

“What kind of maps do you make?”

Occasionally, I get the rarest question of them all:

“You mean you do GIS?” I almost fall over when I hear this one.

Yes, I am a GIS Specialist. Chances are you have never heard of it. Its an awesome job though!

Check it out this description of GIS


2 Responses to Just Another Map Geek Here

  1. MTBMaven says:

    I agree, GIS is quite cool. I’ve been in the field for 11 years now and have a BA and MA in Geography. Oh and a road and mountain biker too.

  2. Murray says:

    Hiya – stumbled onto your website…cool stuff…i’m looking to get a map of a route printed out and framed (present for my Mum)…it was a 10-day road bike challenge we did, Land’s End to John O Groats, entire length of UK. I now have the route as a GPX file. Are you able to do next bit – ie help me get it printed, ideally on some good quality paper? – and if so, what sort of fee would we be talking about? Cheers, Murray

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