2011 was eye opening.

I decided to stop eating poultry, pork, and beef after getting a bad case of the stomach flu and in between running to the restroom I thought a lot about food borne illness. I realized I have never slaughtered my own beef, pork, or poultry, nor did I ever know who raised the animals, what conditions they were grown in, nor what they were fed. I quickly decided that the unknown and risks were too great for me to continue to ignore anymore. I have lived without these meats for a year now and have never felt better. I strongly encourage anyone to try it for a week, month, year, or, like I am, even longer.

One thing I have found as I have been getting stronger while riding bicycles longer than ever before is that you absolutely must figure out your nutrition plan for training, racing, or just riding strenuously for anything over a couple hours.

I use a lot of Hammer Nutrition products now with great success.

If you haven’t ever used them, check them out at

They will give you 15% off your first order through their referral program if you give them my client number, which is 108158.

My favorite products so far have been the Fizz Endyrolytes and Perpetuem.

Let me know what nutrition has worked for you!

UPDATE: (3/3/2012) I just started trying Infinit Nutrition. Its been working well for me so far. Tried it out on my first off road metric century. That was a tough ride and the energy remained steady, no cramping, no bonking.

(9/2012) I used Infinit exclusively with much success on the 2012 Never Forget 100 MTB race while in the saddle for 9 hours and riding for 100 miles on a single speed.


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