So, I always have something I have used and no longer need or maybe I bought it and its still be brand new, but I thought I would need it and just don’t anymore.

These things could be great to hold onto for spares, a rainy day project or whatever, but as my Dad says, “We love things and use people…I mean, we love people and use things.” If I ain’t using it, it very well may be getting in my way instead of being useful to me. Stuff that gets in my way takes time away from opportunities I may have had otherwise to spend with people and show them love.

If you see something you need/want/like thats posted here, let me know and we can figure out how to get it to you.

FS: FOR SALE…Used gear at a great price. My own personal garage sale…online!


Mavic C29ssmax wheelset

Location: San Diego, CA

Just had new bearings pressed into the rear wheel 1 month ago by Mike at North of the Border bike shop in San Diego, CA.

Includes these extras:

2 Geax Saguaro 29 x 2.25″ tires, already mounted and set up tubeless.
2 spare new round Zicral aluminum spokes. These spare spokes cost a minimum of $5 each to buy new. Over the last 2 years, I never needed them however. These wheels are very strong for how light they are, part of that is the due to the big aluminum spokes.
1 Park Tool spoke wrench specific for Mavic wheels. Cost $15 new
1 set of new ceramic hybrid bearings for the front wheel.


Here is the product description:
” C29ssmax is, yes, a Crossmax built specifically as a 29er. Big wheel fans rejoice. It is not just a 26″ wheel extended, but a wheel designed as a 29er to have the Mavic performance you expect, in a package that amplif
ies the Crossmax tradition. The result is the lowest rotational inertia of any 29″ wheel and a wheel that has the right balance of strength, stiffness and lightweight — light enough for cross country, but strong enough for all-mountain use and the demands of the larger diameter.


There are two front wheel options — a dedicated 20mm front hub exists for the ultimate in steering and suspension precision, or the other option affords conversion between standard quick release and 15QR.
The Mavic C29ssmax starts with oversize aluminum straight-pull hubs, anodized black. Both front and rear wheels have 24 round Zicral aluminum spokes. The front is laced 2-cross and the rear uses Mavic’s Isopulse pattern (2-cross on the left and radial on the right) in order to achieve a more balanced spoke tension and improve durability. Fore spoke drilling leaves no spoke holes in the interior of the rim which makes this wheel tubeless compatible without the use of any rim strips. The rims are crafted from Maxtal aluminum and are shot-peened and black anodized. ISM machining removes extra material from between the spoke holes to reduce weight without sacrificing strength. The rim is joined by the popular SUP joinery process, where the joint is welded and milled for a clean appearance, light weight and great strength. QRM+ cartridge bearings are Mavic’s finest grade and ensure smooth operation and both the front and rear hubs are micro-adjustable.


The C29ssmax Wheelset is both UST tubeless and tube compatible and accepts only 6 Bolt ISO standard disc rotors. The Shimano/SRAM compatible FTS-X freehub body works with 8-, 9-, and 10-speed cassettes. Mavic recommends tire sizes ranging from 1.5″ to 2.3″. The wheels come with UST valve stems, a wheel magnet, a bearing adjustment tool, and a spoke wrench. They are black throughout — hubs, spokes, and rims. The front wheel is 815 grams and the rear wheel is 935 grams for a combined wheelset weight of 1750 grams.


UST compatible for reduced weight and fewer flat tires
Isopulse lacing for direct energy transfer, improved acceleration, and increased wheel stability
FORE technology allows only one of the two rim walls to be drilled which reduces fatigue stress and increases rigidity”


$350 for everything

__STAY TUNED…….MORE STUFF WILL BE POSTED FOR SALE SOON!_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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